Cosmic Rite / Ecocidal Greed (Basic Demo)


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This is a conceptual track about watching the destruction of the Earth by an asteroid from the vantage point of the surface of the Moon. Needless to say, it's not the most optimistic of ditties, but the intention was to use this perspective as a vehicle for Deep Ecological motifs and commentary on the needless destruction of our planet.

Only, perhaps, by seeing things outside of an anthropocentric context can this be encouraged, and if tracks like this one can go any way to encouraging that sort of cultural hegemony then it might have been more significant than simply two Punks in a lock-up trying to crank out metal riffs, pissed...



Floating and suspended in the awful void
Earth Mother, veiled in atmospheric cloud
From the perspective of the cold moon
You strain your eyes for evidence of us
In the gaping silence of the chasm
You won't choke your lungs on exhaust fumes
Swill choleric waters or choke on swollen river-veins
Silted as they are by all-consuming greed

Pregnant with the filth of capital
Our green lungs heave with tumor-sores
Industrial abcesses manufacture misery
Workers bound in pain with suicide netting
Desertification of place and soul
Profits seeping through the bruised soil
Smothered oil slops into our oceans
Ecocidal greed, feeding the machines

Feeble Nationalism
Evaporates to nothing
Exposed for all its nonsense
By the wilting of the flowers
Silent Spring resounds
To the tune of Tundra Winds
Stripping barren Steppes
Of all remaining life
Presiding over nothing
Avarice prevails
Milking all the profits
From bottled oxygen
Oil clings to the birds wings
Dragging them underwater
They open beaks to scream
Their throats clog black

Flag-sucking bosses, dynamiting habitats
Drinking the Earth's blood in their money fetish
Perched upon this fetid nature grave
From their broken homes, the animals moan
Shrines to Gaia desecrated, ancient cultures crushed
Your new God is money and we are flushed
Toxicity prevails in the means of production
Ecocidal greed, feeding the machines

From the void, behold, the asteroid!
Trailing cosmic dust and history's weight
Screaming through the cold and lonely universe
To deliver us from the arrogance of man
Where was the logic in destroying our home?
The jewel of the galaxy, teeming with life
Resplendent in fertility, now reduced to dust
No time to consider, what's become of us...


released August 6, 1945
Sam Squalid- Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Electronics, Oscillator
Grave Greig- Percussion, Recording, Cider



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Kompress Birmingham, UK

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